Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tony Curanaj

Tony Curanaj

New York-born.  He started his artistic career on the graffiti scene. In the 90s, he shifted focus to academic realism. His current portraits, skill life works, and tromp l'oeil are technically stunning and remarkably contemporary in subject matter.

His other pieces reflect the simple beauty, he may find in seemingly ordinary objects composed together, influences of color in nature or the splendor of the human form. In every piece that he creates, he is inspire for authenticity in subject, harmony of color and resonance of light and shadow. By painting from life and with meticulous detail, his hopes are that the viewer will observe his work as he observe life.

I really love Tonys gallery and I hope my final project has this sense of realism that he able to capture. I loves that he wants people to see his work how he sees the world, and I hope I can capture that in my final project.

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