Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Favorite Artist

I would pick Monet as one of my favorite artists. I like that he mixed his colors on his board and blended everything so well. His paintings were very detailed in his own style. I like impressionist style because it makes everything soft, there is no hard details. I also liked that the colors of his paintings were always warm tones. My favorite paintings by him were his Water Lillie ones.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Final project

My final project was inspired by the artist Wayne Theibaud. He is an artist known for painting realistic images of food. And so for my project I decided to take many of the foods he's drawn and put them all together on one canvas but i wanted to add my own touch to it so the food is falling out of the sky. Image result for wayne thiebaud

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Favorite Artist

My personal favorite academic painter from the textbook is Michaelangelo. Michaelangelo was a renaissance painter and most of his work is of humans. This painting, the Creation of Adam, is one of Michaelangelo's famous paintings. It is a fresco painting on a canvas.

Final Project

My final project for our class is going to be inspired by a painter/graffiti artist who uses the alias Alec Monopoly. Alec Monopoly is a modern pop culture artist who is inspired by cartoon characters, mostly being the monopoly man. He has many different paintings and graffiti sketches that show the monopoly man. He also uses cartoon characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. He inspired me to do my final project because I really like his art and I have also wanted to paint a cartoon character.

Favorite artist

My favorite artist that we covered throughout the course was Raphael.  The School of Athens is a great portrait and shows how life was back then. Raphael was a Renaissance painter, one of the most influential times in art. He always used vivid colors and used perspective in his paintings

Frida Kahlo

She was born July 6,1907 she was a Mexican painter known for her self portraits. I admire her work because it reflected a lot of what she had been through. She said she always painted herself because it was the "work" she knew best.

Favorite Painter

I personally enjoy looking at Carvaggio's work. It is very dark, but detailed. I think it is interesting that he is able to add detail and textures to a very dark solemn painting. He was an Italian painter from 1592 to 1610. This picture above is his painting called The calling of Saint Mathew.