Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Final Project

I have two ideas for my final project. Both ideas are based upon the concept of Gender dysphoria, Gender dysphoria is a disorder to which a person experiences extreme discomfort with one's own biological sex. As a psychology major, I wanted to have my final project reflect my fascination with the workings of the mind and abnormal disorders. Gender dysphoria is a disorder that I am deeply interested in. 

My first idea was to have a young woman looking at herself in a mirror at an angle. Her body will be towards the viewer while her head will be turned toward the reflection in the mirror. She may be partially nude to reveal a feminine physique, but her reflection would be of a male version of her. I wanted there to be a contrast between what people see her as and what she sees herself as. The inspiration for this idea came from an artist named Gulyas Laszlo, who does oil paintings mainly of women that emphasize their feminine physique and qualities. Most paintings that he has made are of women looking at themselves in a mirror:

My second idea was to take a darker perspective of gender dysphoria and focus mainly on expressing the discomfort that those with this disorder may feel. I wanted to represent discomfort with distorted supernatural imagery such as cracks on the body, or the body being broken down/faded/torn to pieces. This idea was inspired by an artist named Eric Lacombe, who does acrylic and oil paintings of dark subject matters that focus on, "melancholy intended as a negative and yet unavoidable feeling that is often accompanied by fear, anxiety and sadness." Fear, anxiety, and sadness are also a part of a gender dysphoric experience:

I actually have two sketches prepared for my second idea:

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