Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Favorite Artist

I would pick Monet as one of my favorite artists. I like that he mixed his colors on his board and blended everything so well. His paintings were very detailed in his own style. I like impressionist style because it makes everything soft, there is no hard details. I also liked that the colors of his paintings were always warm tones. My favorite paintings by him were his Water Lillie ones.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Final project

My final project was inspired by the artist Wayne Theibaud. He is an artist known for painting realistic images of food. And so for my project I decided to take many of the foods he's drawn and put them all together on one canvas but i wanted to add my own touch to it so the food is falling out of the sky. Image result for wayne thiebaud

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Favorite Artist

My personal favorite academic painter from the textbook is Michaelangelo. Michaelangelo was a renaissance painter and most of his work is of humans. This painting, the Creation of Adam, is one of Michaelangelo's famous paintings. It is a fresco painting on a canvas.

Final Project

My final project for our class is going to be inspired by a painter/graffiti artist who uses the alias Alec Monopoly. Alec Monopoly is a modern pop culture artist who is inspired by cartoon characters, mostly being the monopoly man. He has many different paintings and graffiti sketches that show the monopoly man. He also uses cartoon characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. He inspired me to do my final project because I really like his art and I have also wanted to paint a cartoon character.

Favorite artist

My favorite artist that we covered throughout the course was Raphael.  The School of Athens is a great portrait and shows how life was back then. Raphael was a Renaissance painter, one of the most influential times in art. He always used vivid colors and used perspective in his paintings

Frida Kahlo

She was born July 6,1907 she was a Mexican painter known for her self portraits. I admire her work because it reflected a lot of what she had been through. She said she always painted herself because it was the "work" she knew best.

Favorite Painter

I personally enjoy looking at Carvaggio's work. It is very dark, but detailed. I think it is interesting that he is able to add detail and textures to a very dark solemn painting. He was an Italian painter from 1592 to 1610. This picture above is his painting called The calling of Saint Mathew.

Favorite Painter

My favorite painter is Jacob van Ruisdael. Ruisdael was a dutch painter. His paintings draws your attention to the big skies and low lands. I also like the tone of his paintings, they are very gloomy and calm.


Monica lee is a Malaysian pencil artist that inspires me to draw. I love realistic photos that looks as if it was photocopied and it is a style that I'm striving to accomplish. When drawing hyper realistic image it feel as if it is coming to life in sense that you can feel its emotions in a way. Im going to stop there because im getting a little weird about it.
Monica Lee
My take on hyperrealism

Michaelangelo - Isabella (not fae)

My favorite academic painter from the textbook is Michelangelo. Not only was he a painter, but he was also a sculptor, architect, and poet. His favorite painting of mine is of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. There is so much detail on his paintings. They have a type of elegance to them. In his works where he paints nude figures, he is always so detailed and proportionate. Also because he paints on ceilings it is difficult. If he messes up he can't just take the canvas and throw it away, he has to be careful and do it right then and there. 

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of my favorite painters from the text because of his pieces as a whole and also the stories and controversies behind them.  Leonardo was an extremely smart individual for his time and he used his knowledge to trace images allowing him to paint remarkable portraits.  The Mona Lisa is also the most recognizable portrait in history and most likely will continue to be for years to come.

See ya

Caravaggio is one of my favorite painters due to his amazing clarity and extreme contrast. His shadow work is unreal and makes the painting hard to look away from. The Conversion of St. Paul is one example he know from class that was what made me gain interest in Caravaggio in the first place.

Favorite Painter

     Homer was my favorite painter from our text book. He painted using watercolors and was fascinated by the power and energy of the sea. This painting is called Sloop, Nassau and was painted in 1899 in New York.

Favorite Artist : Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907- July 13, 1954) She is known for her folk and native art. She is considered a surrealist painter. She often would paint self portraits because they express her own pain and sexuality. The Two Fridas was created around the time of Kahlo’s divorce to Diego Rivera and it is believed it portrays her loss. It is a double self-portrait. Frida on the left is wearing a white European style dress with her heart torn and bleeding while Frida on the right is wearing a traditional Mexican dress with her heart still whole. Kahlo remarried Rivera a year later and although their second marriage was as troubled as the first, it lasted till her death. I really like the symbolism behind the painting is so pure.

Favorite Artist

My favorite painter from the text is Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter. He painted what was around him. He created about 1,200 paintings in just over a decade. I like that most of his paintings were either self-portraits, or still life paintings, because he worked with what he had in order to produce art. His paintings, "The Starry Night" and "Sunflowers" are personally my favorite paintings by him.

Favorite Artist

My favorite painter from our text was Velasquez, specifically Las Meninas because of the perspective. I like how the canvas is in front of the man and woman. I also like the lighting and shading. The scene seems very busy. Velasquez is a painter from the Spanish golden age and during the time in which Spain was experiencing the black legend. During this time, Spain had lost control of the sea, looked inward, and isolated itself with a Spanish inquisition mindset. Although the rest of Spain's culture seemed to be lacking behind other countries because of this, their painting and art flourished.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


My Favorite artist from the assigned textbook was Raphael. I was impressed with how well he blended multiple techniques from different artists, such as with his masterpiece, "School of Athens". I was also interested to learn that he was not only held in high regard for his work, like some other artists of the time, but was also adored by the public as well.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Favorite Artist: Carvaggio


My favorite artist would have to be Caravaggio. His pieces are very well painted. My favorite part of his pieces and techniques is the way he uses dark and light together. His pieces look so dark but somehow he still makes them look bright and contrasted.  I love the simple shapes, colors and how everything is easy to digest. 

Andy Warhol

Image result for andy warhol camouflage
Andy Warhol 

Born on August 6, 1928, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Andy Warhol was a successful magazine and ad illustrator who became a leading artist of the 1960s Pop art movements. He ventured into a wide variety of art forms, including performance art, filmmaking, video installations and writing, and controversially blurred the lines between fine art and mainstream aesthetics. Warhol died on February 22, 1987, in New York City.

The Camouflage Self-Portrait is a work that was completed in the year 1986 by Andy Warhol, who was an American artist. This work was a self-portrait that he completed in the month of February before his death. In this self-portrait, Andy Warhol used a Polaroid photograph of himself as the base. He used an acrylic polymer paint and silk screen printing to create a camouflage effect across the surface of his self-portrait, which is surrounded with black.

Andy Warhol was one of the most prolific and popular artist of his time.

Favorite Artist

This is an oil on linen paining called "Waiting - 116th Street," by Daniel Green. Green is an artist from North Salem, NY. He paints very realistic portraits and scenes while still retaining a sense of "cartoon." I love that his painting are rich in texture. In the picture above, there are shiny subway tiles, cracked mosaic, textured hair, and a smooth suede-like jacket. His use of light really brings his paintings alive. Green uses a realistic color scheme that makes it feel as if you're looking at a photograph.

Favorite artist from text

My favorite artist from the text is Salvador Dali. In a previous class that I took (History of Art) we learned a lot about Dali and his art works. I chose this painting because Dali used the techniques of realism for a surreal effect by distorting familiar objects and placing them in a hallucinating context. He called his technique "critical paranoia". I like Dali because he put his problems into his work and made it his own type of art. 

Final Exam Artists and Terms

Cubism                                Fragmented picture plane                                    Pablo Picasso
Chiaroscuro                         Dramatic Use of Dark and Light                          Caravaggio
Self Portrait                         Figure Painting by the artist                                 Rembrandt
Pointilism                            Tiny Dots of Pure Color                                      Seurat
Art Photography                  Pioneer and Championed photography as Art     Alfred Stieglitz
Impressionism                      Loose Group of Parisian Painters                       Manet
Impasto                                Heavy Application of Paint                                 Vincent van Gogh
Father of Modern Art            Proto Cubist Stress on Structure                        Paul Cezanne
Expressionism                       Potray Emotions through distortion and color     Edvard Munch
Fauve                                     Wild Beasts                                                        Henri Matisse
Non-Objective Abstraction    Pioneer to have no recognizable Subject           Vassily Kandinsky
Dada                                       Hobby Horse                                                      Marcel Duchamp
Surrealism                              Dream Paintings                                                  Salvador Dali
Abstract Expressionism         First American Modern Art Movement               Jackson Pollock
Color Field Painting              Flat Patches of Color on large canvas                 Mark Rothko
Pop Art                                  Fine Art depicting popular culture                        Andy Warhol                                    

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Final Project

The artist I chose for my final project is Bernard Frize.  I chose this artist because although his work looks simple it must be difficult execute a painting where there is no subject/main focus meaning the painting is its own subject.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Final Project

I am very unsure of what I want to paint for my final project. But I want it to be related to this painting of Namaste. Which has different meanings to it the way a painting is drawn, the type of jewelry as well has a significant meaning. I have not found a specific painter but my final project will be related to this.

100 Cans of Campbell's Soup

This is synthetic polymer paint on canvas. It was painted in 1962 by Andy Warhol. At first I thought this was very uninteresting but to my surprise it is made of 32 individual canvases! The soups are in order of the year they were created. This painting helped start a major art movement in the US: Pop art.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Final project

Andy Warhol is my inspiration for my final. Simply because the simplicity of his artwork and that is how I am as an artist myself. Pop art is style of artwork that has interest me since high school. This will be incorporated with four canvases that I'll be using. Each canvas will have a different design but when put together you'll see the full picture.

Final Project

Tom Wesselmann uses a cartoon-like pop art style with a detail that is an exact picture, usually the view of a window, to portray the subject in a real world moment. I want to find an aspect other than a window view that will convey the same idea as this.

Final Project

I chose Albert Bierdstadt for my artist of inspiration for my final project. I love his landscape paintings, they are all very detailed and strategically done. He makes everything come to life, from clouds to grass. I'm going to be doing the view of the mountains from my house's balcony. This scenery reminds me of one of his landscape paintings. I will be looking up his techniques and how he mastered his paintings to make my final project on his level.

Bob Ross the Legend

    If we are gonna talk about inspiration, we have to bring the one and only legendary Bob Ross. This man while not known for being an an incredible artist influenced thousands of peopling teaching them "The Joys of Painting". Bob's show called "The Joys of Painting" on PBS taught people of all ages that painting isn't as impossible as it may seem, with his impossible to hate personality he is still loved to this day after his death in 1995 at the age of  51. In recent years he has gained much traction due to his show being being uploaded to various media sources on the internet such as twitch.tv and youtube.com. I took this class hoping to do something related to him and will gladly be doing so for my final project as much as Jacketti may hate it.

Final Project

For my final project I would like to paint something that is related to fashion, I still don't know exactly what I want to paint, but the artist who has helped to inspire me is Salvador Dali. It is known that he has helped play a significant role in the history of fashion. Some of his paintings have even been the cover pages to fashion magazines, for example, the painting's above were the cover pages to Vogue. I might even want to do a vintage dress form mannequin with an outfit over it.



The paintings that inspired me were Luncheon of the Boating Party and Dance at le Moulin de la Galette by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. These two painting s caught my eye because they both are party events and everyone looks so happy and seem to be enjoying themselves while surrounded by people who might've been loved ones. It also caught my eye because of how many people were in the pieces and its just amazing how amazingly great he painted them. What I have in mind for my final independent project is to draw my younger siblings together capturing the happiness and love in their faces. I am excited to paint this piece because I think it will be challenging for me but in a good way, and I think it'll be a erect gift to give to my mom. I look forward to seeing how my piece will turn out. 

Final Project

     For my final project I decided to do a painting of my home town. I was inspired by Antibes in the Morning by Claude Monet. He painted this in 1888 and it's an oil on canvas. He does amazing paintings of landscapes and I like the detail and non realistic quality to them. I found it interesting that he wrote a letter to his future wife while working in the Mediterranean saying, "How beautiful it is here, to be sure, but how difficult to paint! I can see what I want to do quite clearly but I'm not there yet. It's so clear and pure in its pinks and blues that the slightest misjudged stroke looks like a smear of dirt."

Final Project

One artist whose paintings I like and get inspired by is Andy Warhol. His paintings always used colors that catch the eye and also on the things on pop culture that influenced his time. For example he has a painting of converse shoes, Muhammed Ali, Michael Jackson and most famously the Campbell's soup cans. For my final project I wanted to create a rendition of current popular things in this generation but with color that pop.

Final Project

Claude Monet - Water Lilies, 1919
Claude Monet - Water Lilies, 1919
A painter I like is Monet because of the simplicity and depth of his paintings. They aren't entirely detailed to look realistic, but you understand what they are. For my final project I am thinking of doing a landscape picture (maybe of the ocean) with this type of style.


Leyster Tulip
Tulip by Judith Leyster, 1643
I like this painting because of the simplicity of it, but the detail within the painting. So basically the opposite of the other piece by Monet. I was thinking of doing a flower painting but wasn't quite sure how, and I like this idea of a single flower across the entire canvas with a lot of negative space so the main focus is on the flower. 

Final Project

This painting is called The Greyhounds Charley and Jimmy in an interior, by John Frederick Herring Sr. Herring usually painted pictures of horses and scenery, but also has a few paintings of dogs such as this one. For my independent project, I will be painting a picture of my dog. Therefore, I really like Herring's paintings of animals and the extreme detail that he puts into them. I hope to use his technique while painting my final project. 

Tony Curanaj

Tony Curanaj

New York-born.  He started his artistic career on the graffiti scene. In the 90s, he shifted focus to academic realism. His current portraits, skill life works, and tromp l'oeil are technically stunning and remarkably contemporary in subject matter.

His other pieces reflect the simple beauty, he may find in seemingly ordinary objects composed together, influences of color in nature or the splendor of the human form. In every piece that he creates, he is inspire for authenticity in subject, harmony of color and resonance of light and shadow. By painting from life and with meticulous detail, his hopes are that the viewer will observe his work as he observe life.

I really love Tonys gallery and I hope my final project has this sense of realism that he able to capture. I loves that he wants people to see his work how he sees the world, and I hope I can capture that in my final project.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Final Project

This painting is called The Glass House by Rene Magritte, 1939.  Magritte was painting a portrait of Edward James but decided he wanted to paint his back. The face is painted in an aggressive, jagged way across, out of his head. His eyes look very vacant, like they are lost in a train of thought or just emotionless. I really liked the detail in the hair as well. I think this painting could represent someone dwelling on their past, almost as the thoughts are taking over his brain. This is stopping him from moving forward in life. I've been recently really intrigued by surrealism art. Surrealism was a cultural movement that began in the 1920s. I like how many pieces can have different meanings to different people. It all depends on the observer. I think that's my favorite kind of art. It is all about perspective.

I had two ideas for my final project. I just have to see which one comes together better on paper.
1: Paint a side portrait of a singer from one of my favorite bands and paint a little version of him, sitting in a jail/cage in his head. He often mentions being trapped inside of his brain.

2: Paint a regular portrait of the same guy, but have half the top of his head cut off. I will then draw an overflowing kitchen sink on top of his head, filled with all the bright colors from one of his earlier albums, dripping into his head. He wrote a song called Kitchen Sink which talks about creating/finding a purpose when you feel depressed, lost and feeling like nothing is worth fighting for anymore.

Final project

For my final project, I will be incorptating Jackson Pollock and Frida Kahlo techniques. The reason for focusing on these two very bold, outstanding artists is because their are my ultimate favorite artists. However, I'm not too sure how I will be incorporating the techniques, but I will somehow. The pictures are my favorite paintings. Some background information of these two artists. Frida Kahlo was born July 6,1907 in Mexico. Frida suffer throughout her entire life time. Each of her painting can be consider a symbol of her sufferings. Jackson Pollock was born January 28,1912 in Wyoming. Pollock is consider to be a abstract expressionism and modern art.

Final Project

I have two ideas for my final project. Both ideas are based upon the concept of Gender dysphoria, Gender dysphoria is a disorder to which a person experiences extreme discomfort with one's own biological sex. As a psychology major, I wanted to have my final project reflect my fascination with the workings of the mind and abnormal disorders. Gender dysphoria is a disorder that I am deeply interested in. 

My first idea was to have a young woman looking at herself in a mirror at an angle. Her body will be towards the viewer while her head will be turned toward the reflection in the mirror. She may be partially nude to reveal a feminine physique, but her reflection would be of a male version of her. I wanted there to be a contrast between what people see her as and what she sees herself as. The inspiration for this idea came from an artist named Gulyas Laszlo, who does oil paintings mainly of women that emphasize their feminine physique and qualities. Most paintings that he has made are of women looking at themselves in a mirror:

My second idea was to take a darker perspective of gender dysphoria and focus mainly on expressing the discomfort that those with this disorder may feel. I wanted to represent discomfort with distorted supernatural imagery such as cracks on the body, or the body being broken down/faded/torn to pieces. This idea was inspired by an artist named Eric Lacombe, who does acrylic and oil paintings of dark subject matters that focus on, "melancholy intended as a negative and yet unavoidable feeling that is often accompanied by fear, anxiety and sadness." Fear, anxiety, and sadness are also a part of a gender dysphoric experience:

I actually have two sketches prepared for my second idea: