Monday, September 26, 2016

Zeng Fanzhi; Lucian Freud Portrait (2011)

This is a portrait of another painter by the name of Lucian Freud that was done by looking at a picture of this person. I don't know much about Lucian, himself, but this portrait paints a dark and moody tone of him. What caught my eye about this painting was that it was very different from Fanzhi's other famous paintings. This has aspects of realism to it,given that it's a portrait, so the figure has no mask like in Franzhi's mask serious nor does it have branches or barb wire like lines blocking the perspective of the viewer. The painting is very clear and doesn't have a background. 

My favorite aspects of this painting is the blur/fade/break-away effect on Lucian's head and torso and Lucian's expression. Though it's meant to be a realistic piece, this effect makes it seem surreal and dreamlike. Lucian appears to have either a blank or worrisome expression, which adds to the dark and mood vibe of the painting. There's even smears of red in the effect on Lucian's head. It almost seems like he is fading away slowly...The fox looks content and peaceful in Lucian's arms, as well, but the colors used for the fox makes it blend in with Lucian's shirt a bit. The fox doesn't stand out as much. 

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