Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"The Art of Painting" by Johannes Vermeer

"The Art of Painting," also known as "The Allegory of Painting," is an oil on canvas painting done in the 17th century by Johannes Vermeer. Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch painter. This painting is currently owned by the Austrian Republic and on display in a museum in Vienna, Austria. This is Vermeer's most famous painting. People found this painting to be "perfect," because of the technical detail put into it. It was also found to be the most interesting, creative, well illuminated, and complex painting to exist; which is why it is also called "The Allegory of Painting." It is a painting of a man painting a woman in a blue dress, standing in front of a map. She is wearing a crown on her head and holding a trumpet. There are many different theories as to why he is painting this woman and who she is supposed to resemble. 

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