Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fowling Scene

This painting, "Fowling Scene" from the tomb of Nebamun, depicts Nebamun standing on a papyrus boat with his wife beside him, and son below. The hieroglyphics below his raised arm describes him as 'taking recreation and seeing what is good in the place of eternity.' Egyptian society was obsessed with immortality which inspired a lot of their paintings. It is very interesting that there are some possible hidden messages in the painting. Fertile marshes were seen as a place for rebirth, while hunting animals shows his triumph over the forces of nature as he is reborn. This picture depicts Nebamun dominating, forever happy and young, surrounded by a rich marsh. This picture connects Egypt's belief of eternal glory. I find it fascinating that the artists in Egypt painted in tombs. They found ways to get around the touch edges by first laying down a coarse layer of mud plaster before painting. Most paintings in tombs have lasted this long because of Egypt's extremely dry climate. 

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