Thursday, September 8, 2016

composition in red blue and yellow

In 1930, Piet Mondrian painted the masterpiece known as Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow. This abstract piece has always been a favorite of mine tho I was never knowledgable on its origin, artist, or medium. I was pleased to read that this oil on canvas painting was completed in the artistic time frame called the Di Stijl period. It is said that Mondrian has returned home before he start of the First World War and remained in the Netherlands where he perfected his style of assume trivial arrangements of geometric shapes. I also found out, much to my surprise, that the canvas is rather small, measuring just 46 x 46 cm whereas I had always pictured it much larger. Overall it does change my view on the painting as a whole because I had been set on the size playing a large factor on the power of the work and now that I know the scale I feel as though it had more potential as a larger piece (even though Jacketti is gonna say only if it's bad make it big and if it's still bad make it red)

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