Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Unicorn in Coptivity

Ashely Mejia
Painting Class
September 15,2016

The unicorn painting caught my eye for many reasons. First;y the paint has a very strong meaning/ belief behind it. Back then they believed that in order to catch a unicorn in this era you had to get a bait which was a virgin and it had to sit in the forest. Apparently the unicorns attention would be caught by the virgin and it would go and fall asleep on her lap. The unicorn was also a symbol of love. This belief also has a religious belief behind it, showing similarities to Jesus Christ. By analyzing this painting my self i notice that the unicorn doesn't exactly look like a unicorn it just has the characteristics of a unicorn, because it has the horn and tail. But looking closely it actually looks like a goat. It has the face of a goat, and even the beard. Aside from that it looks very happy and peaceful and its trapped in a cage but not in a bad way. The unicorn is surrounded by flowers and other plants as well.

File:Tapestry by unknown weaver - The Unicorn in Captivity - WGA24176.jpg

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