Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"The Liberation of Peon"

 "The Liberation of Peon" by Diego Rivera is mainly inspired by Mayan murals and was painted in 1931. Peonage is a system of employed servitude established by Spanish colonizers, where natives were forced to work the land. This man was left to die by ruthless soldiers but then found by sympathetic revolutionary soldiers to tend to his broken body, What I like about the painting is the earthy tones Rivera decided to use. He used many warm, brown toned shades to depict the atmosphere and the origin of where the painting is representing. As observing this painting, I realized that Rivera used many rounded lines throughout. I also thought that the eyes of the horses were a bit alluring. I feel like this also has some sort of a connection to the body of Christ when he was crucified. There is a lot of religious imagery in this painting. This was a common trait in the Mexican revolutionary art movement.

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