Thursday, September 15, 2016

Birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus, painted by Botticelli was painted in 1489 in and is the most beautiful painting of the Renaissance. This painting releases a symbol of femininity and beauty. Venus, the lady standing in the middle is the goddess of love and standing on a seashell by being blown by the shore in the background by a goddess named Zephyr. I feel like the shell represents the female reproductive organs by how its on the bottom and how she is covering her own. This causes a birthing scene which is a symbol of human birth.  I like how the shore is painted in a gradient and how its defined. Also, I love how the shell is painted, you can see the individual folds. This piece of art is the first biggest canvas created in the Renaissance Florence that measures 6 feet by 9 feet. Overall, I think this painting is so beautiful and I really like it.

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