Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Last Supper" by Tintoretto


"Last Supper" is painted by the Italian Renaissance artist, Jacopo Tintoretto. An oil painting on canvas that was made in 1594 and it is placed in the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, Italy. This painting is indeed based off the Christian belief in which Jesus had a last supper where he gave bread and wine to his 12 disciples and preached his beliefs to them. This is not the only Last Supper painting Tintoretto has painted. This painting is quite interesting because there are secondary characters right in the middle of the painting, not the apostles. In the forefront of the painting, there is the woman holding the dish out to the servants. He also included little animals like a dog in the front. He created a scene of more daily life. Christ is also easily recognizable because of the brightly red and blue colored garment and the huge halo light on top of his head. It is also interesting that in most Last Supper paintings, it is obvious who Judah is, but not in this painting. The apostles also stand out from the darkness of the painting by having little rings of light around their heads. I also found the spirits on the top of the painting to represent maybe the Holy Trinity, which is important in Christianity. There are various points to look out when it comes to light. (Halo around the head of Jesus, the lamp within the spirits, halos around disciples). Tintoretto used Mannerist style devices: deep colors, bright highlights, elongated figures. The table, which has been the main focus, frontal view of the past Last Supper paintings, was now diagonal in this painting.

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