Monday, October 3, 2016

Zeng Fanzhi: "Praying Hands"

This is an oil painting done on a canvas by Zeng Fanzhi called Praying Hands. Fanzhi was inspired to do this painting by artist lambert Durer, a german painter. Fangzhis work is actually just his version of Durer’s Study Of The Hands Of An Apostle. Duper was a sibling of 17, and him and his brother were both interests in art but the daily could only afford tossed one to art school so Durer’s brother stayed home, and Durer was forever in his brothers debt. His brother had to work in the mimes where h worked for so long that he eventually got arthritis making it impossible to become a painter like Durer. First look at the painting and the name of it I thought it had to do something with God or something but not exactly, although it was kind of religious based on the name of the piece. I really liked this painting because of the colors he used and how he made the light from the candles reflect on the hands and how there are specks of red on random spots. 

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