Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sistine Madonna, Raphael

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This piece, by Raphael, was created in 1514. This was one of the last Madonnas and also one of the last pieces he created himself.

The colors are vibrant and go well together, which is what originally caught my attention - other than the fact that I just like artwork of the Madonna. I like how it almost looks like the people are on stage, with the curtains, and the clouds being the platform. The piece on the bottom left also makes it look like there is a scene and a stage, because it, along with the two little angels at the bottom, come out further onto a flat platform.

Doing research on this painting, I learned that the Madonna is in the middle (obviously) and holding Christ, and Saint Sixtus is on the left, pointing outward to the "faithful congregation." That would mean us, making us (the viewers) part of the artwork.

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