Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Opinion on the Topic of the Article

A painting known as "The Virgin" was rediscovered recently in the National Trust's Haddo House in Scotland by a historian named Bendor Grosvenor. The painting was believed to be originally created by Innocenzo Francucci da Imola, due to the image being obscured by discolored varnish. However, new evidence has been discovered that may link the painting to Raphael. Grosvenor saw the painting, felt that it had to be a Raphael, and convinced the National Trust to allow him to conserve it. Shortly afterward, Grosvenor removed the layers of varnish and dirt from the picture and discovered the evidence that may link it to Raphael. He believes that the painting is a Raphael mainly because of the underdrawing being in Raphael's style and an alteration in one of the fingers, suggesting that it is an original work. I believe that the painting may be one of Raphael's because of the sculptural quality of the picture, the chiaroscuro techniques that Raphael borrowed from Leonardo, the full bodied figure style that Raphael borrowed from Michelangelo, and that Raphael used the same model in the painting for a number of his works, such as the "Tempi Madonna" (shown above) and "The Portrait of a Young Woman", which he painted in 1507.

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